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Refrigerator RF263BEAESR freezing contents and food. Temperature says 44 but is 20 degrees inside

(Topic created on: 1/20/21 6:05 AM)
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The refridgerator part was freezing the food and the temperature was set at 44 but inside it was below 20 degrees. It also froze the water line. I let the fridge thaw hoping that could fix it. After 24 hours, plugged fridge back in, put a thermometer inside and waited. Down to 20 degrees.
I took out the contents and shelving (good time to clean) and unscrewed the back panel.  Replaced the two yellow temperature sensors.  

DA32-10105X would be the first sensor to try.

DA32-10104N would be the second if the first one fails.  Replacing both doesnt appear to be to costly. I bought both for $30 total.  

If the sensors did not work, I probably would have tried replacing the board or buying a new refridgerator. This fridge is 6 years old.  This is the 3rd fix for an issue with this fridge. First was the icemaker leaking, second was water under the cooling drawer and freezing. This was fixed by putting copper wire through the drain hole.


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Did you run a copper line all of the way down the drain? Did you affix it to the heating element? If so how did you go about that?