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Refrigerator freezing up temperature too high

(Topic created: 09-06-2021 08:45 AM)
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I purchased my refrigerator in August 2014.  Immediately after warranty expired it started freezing up in the back.  My ice maker also freezes over.  It’s never been usable.  The ice maker can not cut up the ice for it to go through the door.

 I contacted samsung and they put me in contact with an appliance repairman.  It never worked.  We’ve replaced the panel and fan for it to continue to happen.  The temperature is much higher than what I set it for.  This is a hazard to my family.  I have lost 100’s of dollars of food, especially meat.  The water leaks out in my frig and also leaks in my floor.  Mold grows in my big drawer on a regular basis. We are now defrosting it every month.   Please help.  My model number is RF263TEAEWW.


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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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I understand how this may be frustrating and want to help have you tried the troubleshooting steps from the accepted solution below? 



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