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Refrigerator ice maker issues

Hey there....I have a #RF28JBEDBSR fridge that I purchased back in September of 2017.  Maybe about a year ago the ice started to get stuck in the ice maker.  The ice would get stuck and then there would be about 2 layers of ice stuck there that would freeze together.  I would remove the ice, it would work normal for usually about a week, then the same thing would happen again.  I learned about the forced defrost which would help, but the same problem would still occur over and over again.  I got so tired of it that I abandoned the ice maker and just started buying bags of ice to put in a container in the freezer drawer.  We are a family of 5, so freezer space is valuable and so using the space for ice really cuts into what i can store in the freezer.  Also, the hassle of buying ice to fill this container is a pain, because I have to do twice a week.  I got tired of buying bags of ice and started to research how to that is why I am here.  


One of the reasons we bought this fridge because I love the size and layout and how minimal the icemaker was as it seemed like it was well designed.  Definately has issues.  I live in Arizona and we like to entertain, so we use ice A LOT!  It is very common that we run out and have to send someone out....which stinks when you are entertaining.  If anyone can help me with a solution, that would be so greatly appreciated!  Thanks!



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Refrigerator ice maker issues

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