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Refrigerator model RT16A6195SR

(Topic created: 07-19-2022 09:08 PM)
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I have looked everywhere and this is my last option to hopefully find some answers. I bought this model refrigerator for a small kitchenette in our basement. Everywhere online and I mean EVERYWHERE states that it is ice maker ready. I went in store (Lowes) and looked at the refrigerator myself. I was a bit puzzled because it appeared inside the freezer there was a slot for an ice maker but I didn’t see a water line in the back. Once home I read the directions with again state that an ice maker is optional. First of all, it is next to impossible to find an ice maker anywhere for this actual model. Now there is one that is identical with a slightly larger ice bucket that can be bought. I bought that one to try out. I removed the cap on top of the refrigerator where you feed the water line I turned the on switch on for the ice maker (also located on top of the fridge) and hooked up the ice maker which appears to work. But there is no water line assembly on the fridge. There is no inlet valve or regulator to regulate water flow. It’s like the entire water system is missing from the fridge. And all but myself and a couple of reviewers on google have experienced this. Why?!?! Someone please help I can’t get answers from anyone at Samsung. 


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