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Refrigerator model #Rf2ohfenbsr-US sealed cooling system


 Stay away from this product. I’ve owned this refrigerator for 14 months and I’ve had to place two service calls on it   

 First service call was for defective door inside the refrigerator   Was replaced. FREE

 14 months after the product was delivered now the evaporation air tower assembly for the cooling system broke.  The crisper drawer filled with water. Not getting any assistance from Samsung I went online only to find reviews since they made this product in 2014 of several others with the same problem do not buy this product !

 I am also calling the manager at the Home Depot where I purchased all four major appliances at the same time to give them a piece of my mind about the stuff, they sell   


 Do not bother to call the 800 phone number listed for technical support.  As you will not understand any of them they do not speak English  if you must speak with someone go online and do the live chat at least you can read their response versus not understanding their  broken English 




Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Refrigerator model #Rf2ohfenbsr-US sealed cooling system

My sincerest apologies for the negative experience, I would be happy to look into this for you. Do you have a ticket number I could reference? 

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