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Refrigerator warranty

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For anyone having trouble getting help with a replacement and are being repeatedly told your ticket is closed , even after you've gotten an authorization number for replacement- I would advise calling the brick and mortar store (in my case Lowe's) assigned to your exchange directly. After over a month without a refrigerator and over 11 phone calls to Samsung, I was able to obtain the direct number to the exchange a refund department at Lowes: 866-790-8976.  With this number, along with my exchange authorization number, I reached out to the store Samsung told me was handling my exchange. Although, they had no record from Samsung, I gave them the information I had (phone number to the exchange department and the authorization number along with my personal information) and was able to go pick out a replacement, which they had delivered and working in 48 hours.  I hope this helps everyone having this type of issue.








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