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I had the issue with the icemaker freezing on our RF263BEAESR, purchased 4/2018.  I called and Samsung sent out a DISH repair team and the resolved the issue so far. Its been a month and that is working. However I am now having the issue of a noise/freeze in the back of the compartment. I read user WHzBTnL96U repair and will try it today.  My issue with SAMSUNG is not so much the refrigerator but today when I called to have them come out again to check this noise I was hearing (before I read this blog) Apparently DISH no  longer services SAMSUNG and they were going to send a company out of Columbia,SC two plus hours away from me with the worst reviews I have ever read from incompetant work to yelling at customers when the repair person caused damage (police were called).  I asked for DISH the customer rep said they don't service your area.  I have no idea how a company such as SAMSUNG has only one service provider for refrigerators in the entire state of South Carolina and one with such poor reviews as this company has on many sites by many customers.  They are BENE Technology LLC.  Thank you user WHzBTnL96U for the repair. I hope this works, If not this will be by the curb when this Covid-19 is over and a different brand will be purchased.


Re: Refrigerator

Well that didn't work, it is level the front feet are off the ground and it sounds like a propeller and its loud.  I went online to a Facebook sight and I am saddened by the quality of this unit and ALL the problems customers have had. There is a class action lawsuit and many people have successfully received refunds for the defective refrigerators.  I don't understand why SAMSUNG will only send one company in the entire state of SC out for repairs with such terrible ratings, BBB complaints and last month a police call.  All I want is a unit that works this is our retirement home and I don't know what else to do except pay someone out of pocket to fix it for now until we can go out again.  It is LOUD.