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My refrigerator is just over 5 years old. We spent so much on this fridge we expected it to last at least 10-12 years old. The sales person said it was an energy star and would last.


The first year the ice maker froze up. We had someone come out and defrost it. That worked for 3 months or so. When it frosted over again I was told it was out of warranty. Then it started making noises. The filter started dribbling the water.


Food spoils quick and we've been sick more frequently these past 5 years. Someone suggested we get a thermometer and guess what, it averages 41 degrees when the fridge is set to 35. Lately water is leaking in the deli drawers. 

I've contacted Samsung many times these past 5 years and after the 1st year they've just told me it's out of warranty. There is no record of who came out by Samsung and I didn't keep anything either.


Ive done research and found it is manufacturer defect in these fridges. I've talked to about 18,000 people that have had the same issues. 

I feel I was misled by Samsung when I purchased a bunch of Samsung appliances for my new home. My Dryer lasted 3 years before it had a cracked drum and I had to pay someone to take it from my home when I got a new one. My washer had a recall and had issues with bedding. My stereo died in the 2nd year. My fridge has just been a nightmare. I spent over $4000 on appliances and only have 2 of the left after 5 years and both struggle. If it wasn't for money issues with Covid I would replace the fridge, but they aren't cheap. Samsung says I can have someone come out for like $500 plus parts and labor, but why would I do that when a new fridge would probably be cheaper and last longer.


im frustrated and don't know what else to do