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Have had a Sumsung Refrigerator mode #RF18HFENBSR/AA for 4 years.  The 1st Samsung refrigerator I bought showed up defeacted and the freezer seal was complete broken.  They replaced the entire refrigerator and now its just been 4 years and I had to had to have the sensor temp, water leakage kit and evap cover assy, replaced for a total cost of $434.81.  Samsung refused to pay this cost under the 5 year warrenty and repairs.  I live on a fixed income and its already a struggle during this pandemic and with the refusal to cover any cost of this repair makes for a difficult time to figure how I was going to come up with $434.81 dollars.  This repair was just completed on June 12, 2020 and my refrigerator is now making a motor sound and could break again at any moment.  I need Samsung to stand by their product and refund my repair and or provide me with a new refrigerator.  This is unfair and I do not have extra income to continue to make all these reapairs or buy a new refrigerator.  How are you going to help me and fix this problem?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Refrigerator

I’m sorry to hear this it does sound like a service-related situation; Here’s a link to some service centers near you in order to get this matter resolved:

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