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Replacement Parts for Samsung Dishwasher DMT800RHS

(Topic created on: 3/25/21 9:41 AM)
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I have a Samsung Dishwasher, Model# DMT800RHS.  I have had it for about 8 years.  The handles on both baskets are deteriorating and could be replaced.  However,  the costs involved are absolutely asinine. Each handle consists of two parts : the back plate and the front plate (which contains the Samsung logo). They are held together on the basket by two screws.  They are made of a polymer-type material.  After a number of years of being washed in the dishwasher, they are deteriorating.  I first ordered replacement handles (I thought) from samsungparts.com but they were not the correct parts even though I looked them up using the correct Model number.  But, when talking to samsungparts.com today, it became obvious their web site was having some issues including the inability to print a return label. However, we successfully looked up the correct parts/part numbers but, to my surprise, the cost of the BACK plate was $50.53 each and the front plate $77.87 each.  Samsung wanted $256.80 (plus ax & shipping) to replace to cheap polymer handles.  This is a completely unacceptable situation.  I was further astounded when I verified the prices directly with Samsung.  I refuse to pay such ridiculously inflated prices for mere handles, especially since everything works fine without them.  I am just appalled, angry, and disappointed at the price and the non-answers from Samsung regarding this issue.  Although I will continue to use their products I bought I wil NOT go to Samsung when it is time to replace them.

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