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Robot R7040 Vacuum; BAD Samsung Customer Service

Just purchased the R7040 and it worked very well.  I was surfing the internet at near midnight and a Samsung banner Ad took me to the Samsung website where I purchased the original vacuum.  The price was $229....$30 less than what I paid one week earlier.  Samsung has a policy where it will honor the discounted price and when I approached them the next day they said they couldn't honor it as the current price went to $279.   This is terrible customer service!!  It is their own ad!  It is their own discount pricing!!   I own a host of Samsung products and I will never purchase direct from them again.  Quite honestly, it has tainted my belief in Samsung corporate and the misleading commitments they make.  All for $30...

Misleading Samsung priice matching...they didn't honor it.  Never purchase direct from them again. Terrible!!