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Rusted/paint chipped grates

We purchased the Samsung model NX58H5600SS/AA gas oven range a year ago. A few months ago I noticed chipping and rusting of the grates on the stove top. I contacted Samsung and new grates were shipped to me. I have only had them a few weeks using no cleaning agents on them other than water and can already see slight rust showing through which indicates I am having the same problem. I see no where that these grates should be seasoned or any other special care given. Very frustrated to have a range that is 1 year old and looking like this! Is there a solution?


Re: Rusted/paint chipped grates

I have the same problem. My stove is 4 months old and one grate started to rust. I am talking to Samsung and they promised a new one. But you're saying it happens again with the new one? Yikes! 

And the funniest part is when I provided my stove's serial number I was told right off the bat that warranty expired...a month before I even bought it! Can you imagine their support quality??? I had numerous problems with Samsung fridge, now this...To be honest I don't think I'll ever buy another Samsung appliance! Good luck!