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SAMSUNG Range Hood 30" - Not turning on, motherboard charred, defective, Horrible customer service

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I purchased a Samsung Range Hood on 11/14/2020 from Best Buy, installed by an appliance professional on 12/10/2020 and didn't turn on. Upon checking all installation requirements, the appliance professional concluded the appliance must have been defective.


I called Best Buy, they told me to contact Samsung directly. Samsung redirected me to Service Quick for a repair. Service Quick sent a technician on 12/16/2020. I told him several times the hood had never turned on after being installed. I shut down power to the circuit feeding the hood, he took the hood apart, diagnosed that he needed to change one part and it would function again. Upon resetting the breaker, the breaker kept tripping. I mentioned it to the technician who casually blamed my breaker for being faulty. He left me with no power in the kitchen in the middle of a major snow storm. I called Service Quick to complain that the breaker was working perfectly fine before, and the technician must have touched something in the hood to cause a short, and they said they would call back but never did. With the assistance of my electrician, we unhooked the hood, the breaker could be reset, and we had power in the kitchen again. My electrician concluded there was a short within the hood.


The Service Quick Technician came back one week later on 12/24/2020 with the part that was causing the hood to malfunction. I told him multiple times again that the hood was causing a short. He changed the part, then asked me to reset the breaker. The breaker kept tripping. He called his manager, concluded my installation must have been at fault. He left and the hood is still not working. I called Service Quick multiple times to request another technician, SQ canceled my appointment without notifying me. I contacted them on 12/31 requesting that they note the hood is unrepairable, so I can exchange it. I emailed a statement from my electrician and pictures of charred marks under the motherboard. SQ claim to never have received them. 


Now I'm calling Samsung to get a resolution with Service Quick. I'm getting the back and forth between Samsung and SQ, SQ is unresponsive and refuses to send another technician to check the hood again although at this point, what is there to check? There is a process to get an exchange Samsung says to me. SQ is not declaring the hood unrepairable so I can't get a return number to get an exchange. Meanwhile, I'm without a hood for several weeks now, I paid $1000 for this appliance, and trusted the Samsung brand to be on top of their customer service, which they clearly are not. 


I've filed a complaint with BBB against Service Quick. I'm posting on all available forums to complain about the poor and unprofessional customer service from both Samsung and Service Quick. Giving me the go around, having me without power in the kitchen because the hood itself is causing the entire circuit to trip, having to hear from a technician that it's my electricial installation that is at fault, and certainly not the hood, when everything worked perfectly fine before. 


I'm definitely not buying a Samsung product ever again. 

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