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Kitchen and Family Hub

Samsung still insisting on 4th icemaker repair, which the 3 previous ones FAILED,  reading all the complaints and issues affecting these fridges WORLDWIDE and the lack of ethics Samsung cares about consumers regarding everyone having fires, losing medications,  people and pets getting food poisoning,  people losing hundreds of dollars of food on numerous occasions,  damages to homes because of flooding, choking on plastic,  and even fires.   Seeing people cancel orders of samsung appliances for both new homes and replacement appliances because they do not want to deal with a company who does not stand behind its own products. 

These units simply do not last.  I simply want a refund.

****MODERATOR STEPHANIE I sent you a message to YOU, you can send me a message now.   I want this solved.  ****

I am also not willing to put my extremely immune compromised family members at risk during extreme high rising cases and breakthrough cases of Covid-19 as well as new variant of Mu and others are now coming onto the scene, we also have record cases where I reside.

My pallative mother is on cancer treatment   COPD,  Heart disease and other health issues on a bed in our living room open to our kitchen in a small area, as well as other members in house are compromised. 

We have already have NUMEROUS repairs for other issues which are a common problem. 

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