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Samsung 4-door refrigerator Flex Drawer design flaw

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First of all, you won't get any help from Samsung, so don't waste your time with them. 

For anyone who is having this problem with their 4-door Samsung Refridgerator Flex Drawer going out, this is 99% of the time, the true problem.  And it boils down to a very poor engieering design.  The wire harness that connects to your flex drawer control runs along side/inside the right drawer rail system.  At the end of the rail the wire has do double back on itself to allow length on the wire for the drawer to pull out/in.  The point where this wire doubles over on itself is causing a tight pinch/bend in the wire and with repeated bending & unbending, this wire eventually fails 100% of the time.  I have had it happen twice to me already within 1.5 years.  Below I give a link to a YouTube video that shows exactly what I am referring to so you can see for yourself. 

Just like the problem with the ice maker, Samsung will not acknowlege that there is a problem with their products.  This is a clear engineering design issue and they won't do anything about it. But they are sure happy to charge you more money to send a tech out.  Shameful.  I hope that this post helps others who are frustrated with Samsung and are looking for a true solution.  I hope that everyone takes this info and shares it so that it forces Samsung to take action.  Highly doubt it, but it has to start somewhere.

Please see this video below:

And for anyone looking for the replacement wire harness for their flex drawer, here is the part number:


For reference, the model I personally have purchased and have had nothing but troubles with is RF28HMEDBSG/AA  (same base fridge, just different feature, i.e. stainless steel, etc)

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This happened to me after a year and a half, had extended warraty but next time will have to pay. Very poor design, wires cannot flex that many times and not break. Samsung needs to redesign the part and make it mroe reliable!!!!  They did not have anyone I could talk to or sent info to, tomake their engineerig department aware of this issue. This will be my last Samsung appliance if not resolved!