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Samsung Chef cooktop knobs break/crack due to bad design and quality. Expect runaround from Samsung.

I have a samsung cooktop model

NA36M9750TS. The knobs started breaking on it starting few months of purchase.


Samsung sent me 2 replacement knobs the first time. Now it is about 1.5 years old cooktop and all knobs cracked one by one. I called Assurant with whom i had purchased extended warranty when i bought the stove from Nebraska furniture mart.

Assurant tells me that the knobs are cosmetic and they wont cover it,  and asked me to call Samsung. Now when i call  Samsung they give me the speal about out of warranty as many here commented.


Technically, this is a design defect and given the many users  who have complained  about the same same defect (in this forum and other forums and the many youtube videos showing hacks to fix broken samsung knobs), the right thing Samsung must be doing is to accept their fault  and fix the issue. And this is not a cheap cooktop which sells fot $1600 and is their top of the line model.

I dont expect any recourse from samsung anymore given the clear scripted responses their offshore custome service folks have been given in response to this defect (and perhaps other defects that Smsung does not own up to).

There is another common isssue i have started seeing where one of the knobs got stuck and does not turn at all. The way the knobs are designed and placed, they collect a lot of grease easily and wrecks havoc with the underlaying valve, jamming it over time, perhaps due to corrosion. Again this is another common issue reported across the internet.


Merely raising awareness here so future buyers make informed decisions when choosing samsung appliances (stovetops specifically). Personally i am quite dissappointed, not just by their flawed design on a critical component, but more so on their ethics of not owning up to it.

samsung sure knows how to press the wrong knobs of their customers.


Re: Samsung Chef cooktop knobs break/crack due to bad design and quality. Expect runaround from Sams

Wish I came here before I purchased my range as this company has proven once they get your money they don't care.  Their customer "service" is one of the worse I've ever experienced and they company they contract to do repairs is even worse.  Sad when you have range for 6 months and have had 3 service calls.  Not a brand I will ever buy again.