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Samsung DW80M9550UG - Flashing Light and Dings three times - Error Code C7

(Topic created on: 3/22/21 1:24 PM)
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We bought the Samsung dishwasher model DW80M9550UG, along with the Samsung double wall oven and microwave back around 2017.  We were without an oven for many months during covid-19 in 2020.  Although the oven has been repaired (loose wire that shorted blower fan motor), we have been experiencing issues with the dishwasher.  I have owned many dishwashers in my life and they usually lasted me between 10-15 years without any problems or major repairs.  However, the model DW80M9550UG has already had two LC error codes, and now has flashing light and dings three times each about 1-2 minutes after any cycle starts.  I tried a reset but found it necessary to use the self diagnosis, which came up with error code 7C. Looking online, it seems the motor or the magnet for the WaterWall technology needs to be replaced.  In addition, due to the upper rack control arm used to lower and raise the upper rack, the door seal on the dishwasher has been damaged and the seal now leaks.  I have reached out to Samsung service and I am awaiting a call back.  

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