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Samsung Dishwasher DW80R9950US no longer cleans the bottom rack

(Topic created: 03-13-2021 10:19 PM)
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I've had this dishwasher for almost exactly one year.

I've had the famous "automatic door release stopped working" problem twice. The Samsung repair tech has been out twice for this problem. On one visit he replaced the solenoid which fixed the problem for precisely three days. The other time he lubricated the latch, which worked for about a month. Now I just lubricate it myself every time it stops working again. Which is often.

Last month I noticed that after the wash cycle, the dishes on the bottom rack were still filthy. They weren't being washed AT ALL. The linear actuator on the bottom has stopped moving - MOST of the time. It works about one out of every 5 washes. So I have to run this dishwasher four or five times now to get clean dishes!!

Samsung sent out a repair guy again, who looked at it, ran a test twice, and said "well it's not reporting any codes so there's nothing I can do. If it keeps happening, open a new ticket." And he left without doing anything at all!

Of course it has kept happening, so I've opened yet another ticket...and this absolute piece of junk is now nearing the end of its warranty.

This is the very first Samsung appliance I have ever bought, and I spent good money because I thought I was getting a high end dishwasher. This thing is an absolute lemon, worst design and horrible engineering, failure prone, cheaply made piece of junk. I will NEVER EVER again buy a Samsung appliance, and if you have any common sense, neither will you!

By the way, the repair guy looked at my fantastic new LG fridge (yes, brand new fridge, and no way was I buying a Samsung!) and said: "nice fridge. My wife wanted a new Samsung fridge, I told her NO WAY we're buying a Samsung, they are absolute junk, I spend half my day fixing them. They just break constantly. The ice makers leak nonstop and continually freeze up." And that's the SAMSUNG tech saying that!

I wish I had bought an LG dishwasher.

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You can remove the blade portion and vacuum inside that area, making sure nothing is trapped inside, also make sure to vacuum the blades for they can clogged up and not allow water to flow through them. Use while vinegar to help keep your blades clean as well.

John R