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Samsung Duo Oven Door won’t completely shut

Hi there , I am having a difficult time with my Samsung duo oven door completely shutting. The light isn't on but it's not really latching or clicking fully shut so when we're cooking things in there it's either taking a very long time or not completely cooking properly. We have to stand and lean against the door in order for it to get to the proper oven temperature. I bought the oven at Lowe's last year. I can't get through to their appliance department so I'm trying this method to solve my problem. Can you give me guidance on if I should be working with Lowe's, Samsung, how long the warranty is or how to service this issue. Thank you! 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Duo Oven Door won’t completely shut

Have you checked to make sure that nothing is in the locking mechanism preventing the door from being closed properly? To better assist you, please provide the full model code.

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