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Samsung French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker Dispenser FL AP Continuously Opening/Closing KNOWN ISSUE

(Topic created: 08-13-2021 12:45 PM)
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We purchased a Samsung 28 cubit food 4-door French Door Refrigerator in Black Stainless Steel MODEL NO. RF28R72632322501SG/AA from Best Buy SKU 6323225 on Dec. 1, 2019 that was delivered on Dec. 24, 2019. We were PROMISED by Best Buy representatives that the whole Ice Maker was covered by Samsung's Ice Maker Warranty, which is meant to make up for the MANY KNOWN ISSUES with Samsung's Ice Maker issues going back more than a decade (there were lawsuits over this). We noted that the Ice Maker itself had been separated from the door that does all of the delivering of the Ice and so we asked if included the water/ice "maker in the door was included in this Ice Maker Warranty and were were told by sales, "Yes". About a month ago, in early July, after owning this appliance for 19 months, the Ice Maker Delivery F L A P  in the door began to open and close continuously; it is all anyone can hear downstairs. We contacted Samsung and they couldn't get repair to us until Aug. 6th, which we had to reschedule for today due to scheduling around work. They called this morning and told us that the ICE MAKER WARRANTY doesn't include the ICE dispenser issue in the door, which is ALSO a known SAMSUNG issue, Samsung poorly designed this thing so that the wiring is constantly dripped on and/or wet and shorts out causing this issue. But since they've separated the icemaker from the door, which also means less storage space, their wonderful Ice Maker Warranty doesn't cover the dispenser  F L A P  in the door. They can't fix this issue with parts either, they have to replace the whole door. They wouldn't tell us any of this without our asking, even though its a well known problem, so their repair people just show up and then tell you its not covered by warranty and charge $160.00 trip charge just for showing up to tell you that you have to also pay to replace the whole door, another more than $250 and tax. This is 1/4 of the cost of the poorly engineered and faulty appliance! So if Samsung is going to do this, we're going to stop buying anything Samsung. All 5 of our Samsung TV's will need to be replaced by another brand eventually; all 4 of our Samsung Note Phones are due for replacement now, our 3 Samsung tablets are also due for replacement in the next year, and I'm SURE our Samsung Washer and Dryer will need to be replaced soon wince we purchased them at about the same time as we purchased this overpriced faulty Samsung refrigerate that normally packaged and stored food doesn't really fit in so Samsung can accommodate separating Samsung's ice maker warranty from the ice/water dispensing door issue. Does Samsung really care this little about its loyal customers? Is there no accountability for something you've known about for possibly 15 years and spun to your stores and customers? By the way, I've looked for the door part itself and its only for sale to authorized repairmen. Nice!

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