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Samsung French Door Refrigerator a loser

I have never owned a refrigerator that malfunctioned in so many ways. First, it's stainless steel. It scratches so easily I try to keep 2 feet away from it when walking by it. I live alone. Where do the scratches come from?  My wedding ring?  Second, the ice maker freezes up. Solution--pretend it is 1955. Defrost it. Use a hairdryer to melt the ice. Or pay a repair person to do the same thing. Third, the nice wide bins on the doors break. Two broken in the first year. To replace over $40 each. I used duct tape and epoxy to repair mine. I'm not spending a dime on this piece of junk. Fourth, the filter is stuck. I'm about to get a wrench and yank it out. Fifth, why isn't Samsung offering refunds on this piece of junk. Shame on them. 


Re: Samsung French Door Refrigerator a loser

Pretty sure I have this exact model.  Broken door bins and an ice maker that's frozen solid.  So frustrating.  It's 3 years old.  Most of these issues have been going on for over a year.  I also have taped bins and scratched doors.  Very poorly designed.  So disappointing.