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Samsung Fridge Flex Zone Drawer Display Malfunctioning

I have a Samsung RF23M8090SR/AA refrigerator not even two years old where the LED display on the Flex Zone drawer does not display unless I pull the drawer out a few inches and hold it there.  A few weeks prior I noticed as I pulled out the drawer about halfway through, the display would turn off and back on.


Looking on YouTube other folks with older models had similar problems.  I assume it is a worn wire inside the drawer slider rail.  Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?


Such a shame that we would have to encounter a problem with a new appliance especially when it seems that Samsung should be aware of a known design flaw as such.  I think Samsung should offer a fix to owners out of their 1-year warranty.  They should offer it as a goodwill policy.  Not even two years of owning this supposedly higher-end model.  Very disappointed.