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Samsung Fridge RF28N9780SG/AA Rev 01 ice dispenser not working

Good day to all of you, ice machine is not dipensing ice, water dispensing is working great, also I checked and found that no ice freezing is happening inside the ice machine and the are ice cubes filled and also not frozen together . When I try to dispense ice the light is coming up but I am not hearing the motor rotating to dispence, I checked inside the assembly and found motor is moving by hand but little bit hard.

how can I know or troubleshoot this issue to know why it is not dispensing, is it a motor issue or the issue in the ice route assembly. Thanks for all answers

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Fridge RF28N9780SG/AA Rev 01 ice dispenser not working

Remove the ice bucket, is there ice in the bucket?


From the Home screen, swipe left.
Touch Fridge Manager.
Touch Fridge Settings.

First, make sure that the water filter is clean. Then check to make sure the ice maker is turned on.

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