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Samsung Ice maker water fill circuit

Samsung side by side RS265TDBP.  ice maker is in freezer door. A couple of months ago, the ice maker stopped calling for water. Control panel, inlet valve and ice maker checked out fine. I can manually fill the ice maker and hit the test button on it and it will make and harvest ice just fine, but will not call for water to refill it.

I have reason to believe that the low voltage wire wire, the one that goes from the ice maker to the PCB (control board) and sends a signal to the ice maker water inlet valve to open, is broken.  Techs tell me that years of twisting from opening and closing the freezer door can cause this.  I intend to try jumping from the harness under the hinge cover outsidet to the leads to the ice maker inside. 


First I need to know:
Which wire from the ice maker is the one that controls the water flow?  Thanks for any help.





Re: Samsung Ice maker water fill circuit

Also, is there any way to trigger the inlet valve to test the water sensor on the ice maker and its related circuit?