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Samsung-Lowes Appliance Rebate Debacle

(Topic created on: 4/12/21 8:14 AM)
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We filled our new house with Samsung appliances (Range, Fridge, Microwave, Dishwasher, Clothes Washer) on the "Buy 3 or more appliances and get a 10% rebate promotion" at Lowes. We purchased the appliances on 2/26/2020. We spent $5773.25 total, and were therefore expecting a rebate of $577.32. The rebate was promised in 6-8 weeks. Months passed, and we were told to re-enter our receipts. More months passed and we were told that databases needed to be restored, more months passed and on 12/21/2020 (almost 10 months!) we were told our rebate was ready.... for $332.12

We called to get the rebate amount corrected. We were promised an email back from supervisors within two weeks, then we called again and were told we were in the "high priority" queue. Then we called again and a robot hung up on us. We have been in the "high priority" queue for over  three months.

Please help. I can't get any help from Lowes, and the rebate center just hangs up on me. The rebate is officially one year overdue, and a very loyal Samsung customer is getting frustrated beyond measure.

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