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Samsung Not Honoring Warranty pls Help

(Topic created: 05-21-2022 09:57 AM)
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We have a Samsung + CS Vacuum bundle where the buttons have fallen off making it useless.

We have tried to open a warranty claim online, unfortunately Samsung, one of the largest corps in the world, doesn’t have a service center for vacuums in the California Bay Area. This is not some backwater, this is Silicon Valley. Due to this we have had to call in with the only apparent option being exchange/return.

This phone department appears to be setup to deflect and wear you down by playing phone tag with the customer and then closing the ticket. You call in, they say they need a  “Samsung Care Team” ( laughable?) member to talk to you so they will call back. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t but invariably they will just close your ticket (after less than 72 hours) and you have to start all over again.

This has happened 4 times with us. It’s maddening, and totally unacceptable. 

Stick with Apple and Dyson for proper customer service. This company does not care.

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They eventually will find a way to void your warranty. They figure you will give up. Samsung does not care about their customers. We have a expensive 9 month old dishwasher, that after replacing so many things in it, we could have bought 2 new dishwashers. In the end they didn't pay, saying we need to remodel our kitchen so it is not in am "L" shape. It ran fine for 9 month in that spot, and 19 years for the last one. This one the pump is not strong enough. It is a common defect that Samsung won't deal with. Just ignore it and it will go away. That's what Samsung does