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Samsung Oven Gas not heating

We have a Samsung Gas Oven.  The Ignighter in the oven stop working.  This oven is under 3 years old.  We called and had a service rep come out and look at it.  The Ignighter online is about 80 to 100.  the service company that is authorized by Samsung will charge 145 for the part and another 225 for the labor.  This is one thrid of the cost of the oven.  Maybe Samsung should stick to TV's.  The ice machine on the frig freezes up.  We had the ice motor replaced never resolved the ice freezing up.  Cannot remeber the cost of that.  Every month we have to chip away all the frozen over ice in order for it to work again.  The Service rep informed us that there is an issue and they need to install something to keep the ice from freezing over.  The advice we got was call Samsung everyday until the decide to come and fix it???  Also the washing machine was recalled and they put new parts in it.  Now the wheels are squeeking.  This is a nightmare.  And Samsung will not own up to any of it.  The sensor on the microwave does not work anymore (This might be a matter of cleaning the filter so I wont hold that against Samsung at this time).  What did I learn from all of this?  I will most likely avoid Samsung products in the future.  It would be a different story if they owned up to some of these issues!