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Samsung RF23HCEDBSR/AA Fridge is a Piece Of JUNK 🍋

Samsung stainless steel finish French door refrigerator, purchased January 2016 at a PC Richards.  PC Richards also sold me the ten year warranty which I have had three repairmen to fix this thing and by this point they should have given me a new refrigerator. This  is the absolute WORST PURCHASE I have ever made in my life. I will never purchase another Samsung appliance for as long as I live. This lemon 🍋 broke down twice (frost buildup on rear of fridge, condenser issue, tech had to open the whole back apart and defrost. Thought they stopped making refrigerators that didn’t need to be defrosted since 1972; machine went warm on me and made all my food spoil, wouldn’t cool off even with power cool, was up to 65 degeees while waiting for a tech to come; also 3 broken ice makers). Ice maker freezes up, breaking the ice master due to expansion of congealed frost/ice, it also broke two of the plastic ice maker buckets. Figured out that if I don’t pull out the ice bucket, throw it with the ice in my second freezer (which i thankfully saved), open my ice side door, put two pieces of precut cardboard to hold fridge temperature, then take my wife’s hair dryer to melt all the frost from the top of my Ice Master AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK, the icemaker will freeze up and won’t make any ice and the bucket will be stuck and unable to pop open. Absolute piece of garbage. It even dribbles water out of the spout leaking pools of water into the plastic tray and dribbling down the door when not in use.  Never heard of an ice maker that does this, and for $2400 (or in 2019 dollars, $3000), a refrigerator should never do this.

Not to mention the cramped fridge space inside this thing. Barely have enough room to fit items for a family of three.


Gonna eek another year out of this thing so I can say I at least made it for 5 years and getting a Whirlpool to replace. 

Hey Samsung, you lost a customer for life! Bye!!