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Samsung Refrigerator Support – Never Ending Service Nightmare

We are a family of 4 with 2 very young kids. We bought a 28cuft fridge from Costco over last thanksgiving last year (Item: 1095540). Paid over $2000 after massive discount

The fridge broke down after only 8 months in service. After dealing with service support, over 2 weeks they declared fridge unrepairable. Turned out fridge was not designed properly, 1 compressor for such a large capacity, failing all over the place. Discontinued soon after.

Since then, it has been 8 weeks, and it has the worst service experience, we have ever had from any company. Imagine the human suffering, running a family without a fridge for 6 weeks. Kids getting sick, food getting wasted. And looks like Samsung can only apologize and do nothing week after week.

First iteration:

It took over 2-3 weeks, but Samsung promised to send us a replacement fridge, after fridge was considered irreparable. They even gave us tracking number for a shipping company, multiple ticket numbers. We called everyday to the customer service team, and they said it is coming next day. Funny they never found the replacement fridge, decidedly to give us the refund in place. Thats 5 weeks passed. Absolutely no communication from their end. Imagine running a young family with a fridge to 5 weeks

Second iteration:

The ordeal is not over yet, they refund journey is still going on and it already passed over 5 weeks. Everyday they say you will get the money in 3-5 business, everything is approved, your case is expedited. But nothing has moved. The worst part is everyday we call the agents, they give different and wrong information. Any thing from your check is in the mail, to it is not approved it. The Agony is excruciating, kids are unhappy. We have thrown away $1000 worth of food, and they only reimburse 200 for that. Wasting 45 mins a day with totally clueless incompetent service team.  Escalating to supervisors, agents, case management, just a total mind numbing experience.


Worst of all they cannot even decide if we should keep the broken fridge or discard it. So we can at least buy a replacement fridge. Total nightmare


I know their equipment is cheaper, sells a lot and looks decent, but believe me this service experience has turned me off on Samsung forever. I would not wish it on anyone. Everyone please be mindful before u consider any Samsung equipment. After being constantly told, we will resolve it in the next 3-5 days, I am compelled to put out on social media to share my sad experience. Also hoping, Incase there is some higher in Samsung that can help.

Sid and Karuna


Ticket# 4151594254