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Samsung Refrigerator

I would discourage anyone buying a Samsung Refrigerator. I bought a 3 year home in Coastal Oaks built by Toll  Brothers. The home was empty or at least 6 months before I purchased the home in December. My niece lived in my home from a January to August while she had a home built. She never used the ice maker. She barely used the fridge since she worked long hours and ate out quite a bit. I moved in on 9/10 and I noticed in a week that the top part of the fridge was not cold enough so I eventually bought a small thermometer which showed the temp to be 55°. I tried different settings on the fridge to no avail. The bottom freezer was working. The ice maker was not working so I figured that it was because the top part was too warm. I finally got around calling Samsung and we determined the error code to be C 20 which means a broken fan. I called The Appliance Doctor, Bob Ruth, directly rather than work through Samsung. I knew that the only warranty still in effect was the compressor for 5 years, House is 3 years old. He came out and I had told him the error code and did a determination as to the issue which cost me $133. He has to order the fan which came in today. He spent 2.5 hours working on the fridge and saw the ice maker was not working which I had told him previously. He trouble shooted the whole fridge and there were some air gaps in the ice maker unit which he filled in. Ice had accumulated inside the ice maker and on the back panel of the fridge where the fan was. After he got all the ice off, he tested the old fan again but it was broken and put in the new fan. My additional cost for today was $322.00. He left my home in good condition when he left and the fan was running. The top part of the fridge is now working. I will have to wait till tonight if I get ice.He stated that there is no guarantee that the ice maker is fully fixed in that it would make ice for maybe a month then freeze up again which would mean another issue. So far it has cost me $455.00. He stated that Samsung refrigerators have a high repair rate. The look nice but lots of repairs needed. He recommended that if someone buys a new fridge  it to buy a Samsung and to get one with the ice maker is in the door not inside the fridge. I wanted to give other fair warning but then again, you may already know this.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Samsung Refrigerator

I tried repairing all the issues that Samsung was "guessing" might be the problem and it continued for over a year.  I finally thawed it completely one more time, and then turned down the water pressure on the wall to a crawl.  It just slowly fills a glass of water on the door.   But the ice maker has worked flawlessly since August.   Hard to say it is "fixed" with this less than optimal design, but the problem is as least avoided for now and I know my manual defrost is going to no longer be weekly or monthly.   It has been nice having ice when I want it.   I can live without quickly filling a glass of water easier than having no ice and water dripping all over the place.   My guess to what is wrong is that it can't fill the tray through the small funnel as fast as the supply tube is supplying water.  It overflows, splashes back into the defrost vent, freezes, and eventually blocks the unit's ability to defrost.  Everything else is a result of this root cause.   Unlike your service calls, this "guess" is FREE.  Worth trying since you have nothing to lose really that is not already lost.