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Samsung and XPO last mile- a disastrous experience


In a nutshell - I can not recommend Samsung or XPO based on this experience- cut to the rundown of events.


I am compelled to take the time to  raise my concern as I’m astounded by the lack of ownership and customer focus I have experienced from XPO Last Mile and Samsung Appliances USA.  Beyond the fixed processes of ‘filing a ticket, rescheduling for the next available date and personal apologies from customer service phone agents it seems that neither XPO or Samsung have any regard for the experiences, disappointment and lost time caused. It seems that there is absolutely no way for a customer to reach a person on the phone that has the ability, authority or knowledge of how to respond to the failed circumstances that have been occurring since ordering this item from Samsung.


I have a simple rundown of the events below for clarity, however the goal of my communication is to raise awareness in the hope that both XPO Last Mile and Samsung reassess their practices and realize that there is a severe need to change their methods and approach in order to be customer focused and outcome oriented, at present it seems that both organizations are singularly focused on process with no regard for outcome or customer retention.


Unfortunately XPO attempted to deliver a severely damaged unit on or around January 4th, I was forced to refuse the delivery as the item was not acceptable. I was informed that there was a near 3 month wait for a replacement order.(Despite Samsung online confirming stock in other parts of the country)


The replacement delivery was scheduled for March 6th however XPO Last Mile  cancelled on the day of delivery without any notification. As the end of my delivery window was approaching I called XPO Last Mile, Grand Rapids, MI- no one answered  - I left a message.

I called XPO Last Mile’s national number at 3:38pm  I was informed my delivery was cancelled as I 'did not answer my phone’ The call they referred to was 1hr prior to my delivery window starting from what XPO Last Mile Grand Rapids office. I was previously informed I would get a call 30 mins prior to delivery. The driver never attempted to call me.


Admittedly If I cancel my order I’m likely going to have to wait even longer, however I hope this correspondence raises and issue that will provoke ownership and



I have a run down of events below, Is there anyone out there at XPO who cares about how they treat their customers and repeatedly compound the stress endured by failing at the Last Mile?




ORDER TOTAL: $779.09



12/02/19 Ordered

01/04 (approx. date) Severely damaged on front-non delivery

01/05 (approx. date)- Item was reordered - delivery was rescheduled for March 6 (~3 months wait despite stock being available in other parts of the country as verified by Samsung online)

Delivery was scheduled for March 6th - between 1pm-5pm,I was notified the driver would call 30 minutes before deliver


03/06  at 12:03 Received a call - no message was left, this is the XPO last mile office in Grand Rapids


03/06 I called XOP Last Mile Grand Rapids, no answer - left a voicemail

03/06  at 3:38: I called XPO -32 minute phone call. I was notified delivery was cancelled as ‘you did not answer the drivers call’

The agent contacted XPO Last mile on the phone who stated that they 'could not deliver or install the item today’.

I  requested to speak to a supervisor who (after having to run through the situation again)  notified me that the delivery would have to be rescheduled for 3/9

While somewhat polite the supervisor was focusedon relaying standard information to me rather than listen to the circumstance or attempt to troubleshoot the situation


03/06  at 4:04pm Call Samsung on They attempted to call XPO  to expedite confirmed  however they were notified it could not it was set for 3/9- Notified nothing else they could do

Received email from Samsung confirming Delivery date of 3/9

03/09 at  3.53 Called XPO. No answer,went to voicemail-Left message


03/09: I called XPO-line busy

03/09 at 9:33 am  I called Samsung -23 minute phone call. Spoke to agent, She notified me she would check with XPO on delivery -was put on hold,

My Call got ‘bumped’ back to main menu while menu -on hold for several minutes the call was disconnected

03/09 at 10:00 am I called Samsung -5 minute phone call. Spoke to agent - phone line got cut off when on hold

03/09 at 10:05 am I called Samsung -20 minute phone call. Spoke to agent - was notified that the delivery was scheduled for 3/12 as they needed to rebook an installer.

Given the circumstances  requested they go outside of ‘process to expedite this for delivery today as arranged- this was not within the agents knowhow or authority

After raising the issue that this was not the agreed date, the date posted online or the date confirmed via email.

The Samsung agent  contacted XPO Last Mile , the agent relayed to me that XPO stated that “I should get a call from XPO today ‘(which I did not)

Upon my request the Samsung agent also confirmed that she had ‘escalated’ the situation to her customer service management who would call me a later in that day (which I have not received.

03/09 @ 5:52pm Neither Samsung or XPO Last mile have contacted me as I was informed that they would later this day.

03/10 No calls from Samsung or XPO

03/11 No calls from Samsung or XPO

03/11 I called XPO- they informed me delivery was not scheduled for 03/12 as ‘Samsung had cancelled the order and requested the item be returned to them, you will have to call Samsung’

3/11 at 5:28 a 53min phone call

3/11 at 5:23 XPO 50min phone callL

  • Samsung deliver support transferred me to appliance
  • Samsung transferred me to washer / dryer Dept
  • Retransfered to technical support
  • Retransferred to dishwasher online orders
  • Samsung system does not show cancelled order Samsung contacted xpo while I was online


Order was not cancelled,

Agent Wanted to reschedule delivery for 03/13

XPO was on the line too

When asked for delivery on 03/12  the agent replied “That’s not going to happen”

A supervisor did call me while I was on the line to this agent at 5:32 however I did not recognize the < and was in dialogue with this Agent. The supervisor left a ‘generic’ message


XPO stated Will not deliver tomorrow  and hung up during conversation.

Samsung agent was unable to get a supervisor on the phone or resolve my situation satisfactory.

I agreed for delivery to been set for 03/16, however I stated that the only reason I’m agreeing to such is because there is not other option, I am not satisfied with this, I requested a supervisor call me and asked for someone to take ownership of this by Responding to the situation vs following standard process.