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Samsung appliances

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We will never buy another Samsung TV, washer/dryer or refrigerator.  They are all JUNK!  We have had our refrigerator for less than two years and we have to spend over $400.00 to fix the ice maker.  The repairman can't even get to the ice maker because the stupid thing is frozen and you can't get the door open until it's thawed out.  The design is absolutely insane that you can't get to the ice maker without opening the door to the ice maker which isn't easy even when the **bleep** thing isn't frozen shut.  We spent almost $2K for this refrigerator and less than two years and we already have major repairs.  The dryer is junk because we can't dry a load of sheets without the dryer balling up the fitted sheet.  It happens every **bleep** time and we've tried everything we can think of so that it doesn't happen.  Don't get us started on their so-called smart TVs.  Everything else in the house has wi-fi working but when we turn on the TVs we get the message that there is no wi-fi connection.  How can that be when our phones and tablets have wi-fi???  About once we week we have to unplug the TV in the living room because it freezes up on a black screen and won't do anything unless we unplug and start over again.  Samsung should have just stuck to making phones because your appliances are absolute JUNK and I will never buy another Samsung appliance again.  We are absolutely furious that we have to pay $400 to fix an ice maker on a refrigerator that we've had for less than two years.  **bleep** poor quality, Samsung and we will tell anyone that is considering buying Samsung home appliances or TVs not to waste their money!!!    

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