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Samsung auto water refill pitcher model # RF28R7351SG/AA

(Topic created: 11-14-2021 05:58 PM)
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Hello, my refrigerator is less than a year old and the auto refill pitcher is no longer working. A repairman came out to replace the ice maker (yes trouble with that also) and he looked at the auto refill and stated the magnet on the refrigerator is not making contact with refrigerator door push-button. Of course he couldn’t repair that, because it’s wasn’t on his repair slip. I called Samsung who stated this isn’t under warranty and there is nothing they can do. So, now I have an expensive refrigerator with an empty pitcher sitting inside of it. The main reason for my purchase was to have this auto pitcher. But seems likes it’s been one thing after another with repairing this refrigerator. Samsung should probably stick to making televisions.

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