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Samsung cannot design a decent ice maker. Look for LG.

For anyone considering Samsung refrigerator, please do not. Go for LG.

Their ice maker designs are severely flawed that they were not able to fix my fridge for the last 3 years with new ice maker design after design.
First it was too much frost. They fixed if for free admitting a bad design.
Since Samsung would not let classaction related links on the forum, google the following to look it up.



Then, now it started the melt inside. Apparently, the cooling fan inside the icemaker gets frozen itself and cannot cool the ice tray.

This is due to design defects well known to Samsung for several years based on my research (in addition to Samsung Technical Bulletin ACS20151125001) and may be a subject of potential litigations.

Yet, they charged me for labor and parts (which replaced the whole ice maker assembly) through a service contractor, and when I complained, they refused to reimburse the cost.

Then, it's starting to melt again.

Not owning up to their incompetence is one thing, but not being able to design a decent ice maker is for the last 3 years is a total embarassment as a fridge maker.


Please do not buy Samsung.

I hear good things about LG, and I may even go back to GE!
Spread the word.


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung cannot design a decent ice maker. Look for LG.

Would you be able to provide any transaction numbers that we could look into in regards to your repairs?  If so, send them to me via private message, I would be more than happy review your case.

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