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Samsung ftq353iwux Fire can not get Samsung to replace only offer a 500+ repair, have found the part

Samsung Electric Range ftq353iwux Fire.  can not get Samsung to replace only offer a 500+ repair that their local Samsung repair shop quoted me as the minimum, reached out to someone they told me to several times by email and never heard back, so I have found the part On my own for only $85 to replace the melted board. Now I have another issue. The oven door locked itself when it started doing the loud buzzing and caught on fire. How do I get the door to unlock? I am going to risk putting this thing back in my house because My family of 7 have been without an oven for about 7 months and I don't have money for a new one. Samsung will not replace it or fix it unless I pay. I just need to have a stove again. How do I get the stove to unlock? 

also I love Samsung everything in my house is from them since I got my own house, tv, washer/dryer, microwave etc, i am not some person just complaining.