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Samsung is junk

(Topic created: 11-23-2021 01:03 PM)
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We redid our entire kitchen in 2017.  We went with all Samsung appliances because I liked the color (black stainless).  Buying Samsung appliances was a terrible mistake.  3 refrigerators had to be delivered before we got one that the doors were even on (and now my doors are not even again), the ice maker has been replaced twice under warranty and now just does not function at all.  This is an ongoing issue with these refrigerators yet Sam asking has done nothing to fix the design.  Our range too had to be replaced while under warranty because the finish is coming off and now it’s doing it again.  We have had to replace a big part in the microwave and now my gas range won’t light.  These appliances are nothing but junk and I regret buying them.  Beware of Samsung!!! 

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