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Samsung me21m706bag Microwave randomly inputs 7, fan turns on, and also runs

(Topic created on: 1/18/21 11:51 AM)
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Just bought a house in August. It has a Samsung me21m706bag. Within a few weeks I noticed 7 being pushed when no one was in the kitchen. It has been going on for sometime and the fan now randomly comes on. Well twice now the microwave has started on its own. This is a HUGE hazard, luckily we have been home both times but the last time the unit was incredbily hot. It seems that there is no cure for this other than to have a tech come out and fix the problem for a few months. So I have no idea what to do. Its in a difficult spot to keep unplugging and replugging in. This is a huge hazard. Samsung you need to make this right. 

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