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Shopping list and woolworths

-Keep in mind I am in Australia- so Obviously just bought this fridge.  Shopping list done.. now note that I cannot send this list to the woolworths app to buy things.  I go into the woolworths app separately and they have a seperate shopping list (ffs what the F) but then if you go back into the shopping list, you can add items from things you purchased through the woolworths app onto the original shopping list.. What the actual F🤫🤭K!!!!! 

I want my shopping list to just be sent to the woolworths app like I was told would happen.  I’ve searched online for so many answers - please, Aussie Family hub owners, HELP!!!

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Re: Shopping list and woolworths

Sorry to hear its not working I would recommend that you contact the support forum for your location they would be able to help you better there the link is below

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