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Sick Kid, Defective refrigerator


My name is Charles Homenick and I unfortunately am the owner of one of your defective refrigerators that I have been having ice maker and cooling issues with since the first 9 months I owned it. I am reaching out to you because I am asking for a full refund for my defective refrigerator that has already gotten my son sick once and caused me to lose all my food twice. Please read below everything I have had to do so far including Shemia from Alorica stating she is the highest person at Samsung and there is no one above her. You guys have already been in trouble with and fined by the state of New Jersey for doing what she did. I am asking for your assistance in getting my refund of $2634.00 as my next step will have to be small claims and taking this to every major news media outlet I can. My son has already gotten sick once and you guys are walking a fine line knowing that your refrigerators can stop working and can get people sick from eating food that has spoiled.
Thank You,
Charles Homenick
On June 28th of this year I got back from a 4 day camping trip and went and picked up my son from his mother's house. We came back home and my son asked if he could get some cheese and one of his individual milks out of the fridge. I looked over when he opened the fridge and could see the temperature on the outside reading 37 degrees so I said yes. He sat on the couch and watched his cartoons as I unpacked all my camping gear. He said yucky cheese but I told him it wasn't yucky. After a little over an hr he started just throwing up all over the place. I went to the fridge to grab him a cold water and noticed the water bottles in the fridge were not cold at all. I took 3 refrigerator thermometers from Panera Bread because my buddy does all the maintenance for them here in San Diego and the temps on the fridge were over 50 degrees that day when I got home. Thank God my son didn't get too much food sickness because he was a preemie and any sickness is not good for him. I was finally able to get around to contacting Samsung on July 13th after chatting with Paul for 3 hrs and they sent someone out on July 20th to fix the ice maker and remove the back panel and put in new styrofoam and fan. Well on Aug 3rd the refrigerator went back to around a 51 degree temperature and I lost all my food again. Thank God I caught it early before my son ended up getting some of his snacks out of there and possibly getting sick again. I went out and bought a used fridge and had to stop using the Samsung because I lost food again for the 2nd time and can not take the chance of losing all my food again and I especially can not take the chance of my son getting sick because of your defective product. I responded to a survey on Aug 10th and let them know what was going on and how the fridge had broken again. 
Aug 25th- Jose from Samsung tracking department called me back because of the low survey score I had given. I let him know what was going on and he transferred me to Juan at case management who offered me a full refund and sent out the email for the refund. Well Juan tried to send me a prorated refund amount after he had told me full refund. I never sent in the paperwork because it wasn't for a full refund. Around 3:15 Keymer called me to follow up and see why I hadn't sent in the refund paperwork. I let him know that because it was prorated I wasn't accepting the refund. I told him about the cooling issues and he said ok we can do a full refund. He had me go take the sticker off from inside the fridge so I could send a photo to him. I went and took the inside sticker off and he got back on the phone and then said he couldn't do the full refund. He had me take the sticker off and then told me he couldn't do the refund. This did not sit very well with me because it was wrong for him to have me pull the sticker off and then tell me something different. Please listen to the call.
Aug 30th- I text the 62913 and the system said it was going to get someone to assist me. I tried to get ahold of someone and waited until 7:45 pm before I finally gave up waiting for someone and went online at 8pm and chatted with Shiva Shankar from 8-10pm and he assured me that this would be taken care of and I would hear back from someone within 2 days.
Sept 2nd- I text 62913 and chatted with Badanapuram R. from 9:30-11:50 AM. He told me there was nothing they could do and that case management would call me by the end of the day even though they were supposed to call me by end of day on 9/1 and never did.
Sept 2nd- Samsung called at 11:49 while I was still texting with Badanapuram because I had called earlier and asked for a callback vs waiting in the queue. I spoke with Kimberly who transferred me over to case management. I spoke with Lewis at case management and he informed me that he was going to escalate this issue and they would get back to me within 48 hrs.
Sept 10th- Still no callback from Lewis or anyone else in case management after 8 days when they said 48hrs so I decided to text in. I text and got Adrian at 9:55, he responded at 10:08 letting me know they were very busy today but would help me today. I started online chat at 10:12 and they connected me with nobody and I ended up ending the chat at 11:30 because there was not 1 response through chat. I also called in at 10:15 and finally got ahold of Jen at 10:35 am, she couldn't help and had to transfer. I did live chat again from 11;37am-12pm with Arvin and he said I would have to contact the 1-800 number. I called the 1-800-Samsung number and spoke with Alexandria at 12:13 and she refused full refund because of warranty issues and offered a 50% off coupon for another one of your defective refrigerators or a prorated amount. I obviously refused the coupon as I will never own a Samsung fridge again and I do not want a prorated amount as this has nothing to do with a warranty issue and is a defective product. It is a known issue on Samsung's refrigerators since 2006. She spoke with her supervisor Jasmine who told her to transfer to case management. She transferred me over to case management and the phone hung up after 10 minutes of being on hold. I called back at 12:43 and got a hold of Vins and he was with Samsung electronics and had to transfer me over to Samsung appliances. I spoke with case management and they sent me over paperwork for a full refund. I sent in the paperwork for a full refund and wrote on the paperwork with the photo of the sticker from inside the fridge that if the amount was changed that my signature was void.
Sept 17th- Text 62913 to see what was going on with my refund and chatted with Dilshad from customer care. He said they changed the refund amount to 1264.32 and were waiting on my response. I declined and he said for me to call in tomorrow.
Sept 18th- Called in at 11:20 am and spoke with Tammy. She put in a new ticket for me and transferred to case management at 11:50. I waited on hold for 90 minutes and no one answered so I had to hang up because I had to go pick up my son.  I called back at 5:20 pm and spoke with Michael who said he would call me back tomorrow 9/19 and we could contact the repair guy to see exactly what repairs were done.
Sept 19th- Called Samsung at 2:50 and spoke with Yamery who transferred me to case management at 2:56. Samsung called back at 3:41 and Yildy from case management and he told me the $1264 was the best he could do. He said Ariela is going to be calling me back today.
Sept 30th- I filed with the NJ BBB because you guys are running me around in circles and I waited too long again for this last call back. I am done with you guys and your games.
Oct 5th- Shemia from Alorica "aka" Office of the President for Samsung called and stated that the best offer they could give me was $1580.40 which I declined because this is a defective fridge and has been since the beginning. She stated that she was the highest person in Samsung and there was no one else I could speak with. You guys have already been fined for this in the past and I also know she is not the highest person at Samsung for me to speak with.

Re: Sick Kid, Defective refrigerator

Wow.. just an FYI Alorica is not Samsung it's a 3rd party call center that handles calls for them so technically she lied she's not the top person at Samsung... She doesn't work for Samsung. I hope you get a full refund. what they should technically do is have someone come pick it up give you a full refund then take that unit back for testing to see why it failed.