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Smart Things Video and Ring Integration: Draining battery life

(Topic created: 10-01-2021 10:33 AM)
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Hey all,

I'm added my Ring cameras to the Smart Things Video integration via Samsung of Thing on my fridge. It's working fine HOWEVER when you add the camera views to the main Fridge screen, via widgets, I have noticed that my Ring Stick Up Cameras (all battery operated) are draining EXTREMELY fast. 

I'm thinking that the Samsung Things Video is sending pings/keeping the Ring Stick Up Cameras on constantly, instead of refreshing images at a more delayed interval.

Anyone have ideas on how to fix this? 

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This is really ridiculous! It periodically turns on live view for long time to just capture one still image. I have to replace a battery every another day. Samsung should fix this issue.

Kitchen and Family Hub

Same here. Noticing very long, non user initiated (phantom), Live View recordings of my Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 in my Ring iOS app. I'm using Samsung Smart Things video on my Family Hub enabled refrigerator.

One time I went out to take out the trash and found my my doorbell's ring status light solid blue, indicating Live view was enabled - when no one in the house was viewing the Doorbell in their Ring app. 

I looked into Control Center in the Ring iOS app and verified there were no unauthorized devices on my account - I also changed my password for good measure. Shortly after, I went outside and noticed it happening again.

Further testing, I removed Ring integration in Smart Things via the SmartThings iOS app and verified they no longer showed the Ring cameras on my Refrigerator Family Hub widget and in the phone SmartThings iOS app. This resulted in no phantom recordings for 24 hours in my Ring iOS app.

Reintegrated Ring into SmartThings the next day, and the random Live view recordings returned.

I assume this is also what is happening with your battery operated Ring Stick Up cameras.