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SmartThings app stuck @Loading

(Topic created: 11-21-2021 08:25 PM)
Kitchen and Family Hub

I am unable to upload pictures from my phone to the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator since the Tizen 6.0 upgrade. The Samsung Family Hub app is no longer supporting which forces us to the Smart Things app and it take so long to just connect and detect the device. Finally when we think, all the pain is over, there is nothing happening with connecting to the device or letting us upload the photos to the refrigerator. What's the point of de-supporting the Family Hub app when Smart Things app is not able to support all the basic functionality like Uploading Pictures, Updating Family Board, Adding Memos , using the Refrigerator through Phone.

Please Help and provide any tips how to use Smart Things if I am the only one unable to use this app work with the Refrigerator.



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