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Sparkling water doesn’t work well

(Topic created on: 2/23/21 8:00 PM)
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I have a chef collection fridge/freezer with the sparkling water facility. You have to wait large periods of time between glasses and when you first put the bottle in you have to wait a few hours to get the first glass. We used to have a cheap sofa stream that was instantaneous so it makes no sense to me that we have to wait hours for a glass of water. We can never get enough for the family of four to have a glass each at one time. The fridge is now two years old and we have found the function a waste of time and it is really the reason we bought the fridge which was very expensive and double the price of our previous fridge. This together with the ice maker that never works which seems to be a common problem based on the posts I have read, I am extremely disappointed. Before we get rid of the fridge and replace with a cheaper model/brand that works I thought I should check if anyone else is experiencing the same issue and can come up with a solution to make it work better.  I have searched for troubleshooting information but can’t seem to find anything. Thanks in advance for any help/advice. 

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