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Storm wash Dishwasher

My issue in question is with Best Buy in general, I ordered online. During my ordering process, I noticed my order was specifically being shipped from the Everett Mall location. In June of this year, I purchased an awesome Samsung stormwas dishwasher for total $831.56 with installation taxes etc (shipping was free at least!)

The first issue with this whole ordeal was the installation. The employees of Best Buy installation, left parts on my dining room table (junction boxes) and kitchen floor(rubber peice in front of kickplate). Some parts were clearly experimental and did not seem to fit my model of dishwasher. The part on the ground seemed to just keep everything in place, the 'kickplate' as I have learned it is called. I ignored this part of the process, as the machine was working just fine.

Our home is not the newest model, I was having some leaking issues underneath my sink, so naturally I called a plumber. There were some underlying issues with my leak, but the most prominent was that of the dishwasher installation. I have been in touch with someone willing to help me if I supply the payment for the parts in question.

I contacted Best Buy in order to attempt to resolve this situation. I was told I would receive a $150 gift card as well as repairs to my Samsung Stormwash Dishwaser. Weeks have passed and neither of those promises have been kept. I have been at home dealing with deep personal issues that keep me from making my dishwasher a huge issue. Not to mention, the state at which the world is in, make it easy to accept waiting long periods of time for customer service issues to be dealt with. I was not even upset at this point.

The point I became the most upset, was when the dishwasher in question stopped working. Again, no gift card, no repairs. I called corporate, feeling like a 'Karen' when my husband and I have both worked in the customer service field for years. But I simply wanted a working dishwasher, to heck with the gift card, I just want my dishwasher working.

During this customer service call, I was told I had received a gift card as well as service, which I had not. While the representative was doing their best to help me, we were still seeming to butt heads and not be on the same page, I ended up getting my husband involved as a result.

We were told we could pay a $100 fee for someone to come out, POSSIBLY repair the dishwasher (no guarantees, just a possibility) and we would receive a full refund upon repairs. This is not something, we should be asked to do as a consumer, simply attempting to resolve this issue without further issues. Especially since I first called before the installation guarantee and warranty 3 months prior.

With this all being said, I ADORE Best Buy and their products. Their customer service is NORMALLY amazing and keeps me coming back to repurchase. However, my husband and I would not accept this. There was a lot of back and fourth during this time with my husband and the supervisor, who was clearly unwilling to help us.

At this point in the conversation with my husband and "Kenneth" , the call simply 'cut off', seeming to drop. Just as many other calls had resulted. My husband and I were loyal customers to Best Buy, not only due to their products but as previously stated, their superb customer service, this time they have disappointed us.

They tried to tell me that I need to get in touch with Samsung to have this issue resolved. This should have been resolved at the Best Buy installer level and they woudl not send an installer out to fix their own miswiring and plumbing of my dishwasher.
Well I had to pay someone to come out and put a cover on the junction box, correctly wire the box. I ended up paying $250. over the original installation price to fix the issue myself. Love the Dishwasher, not liking the store and installers that sold it to me.
Thank You,