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Stormwash dishwasher will not power on

(Topic created on: 2/2/21 7:41 PM)
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We bought DW80R5061US/AA 00  Black Friday of 2019. Didn’t install it until February 2020. About a month later we called Samsung after the dishes were coming out dirty despite everything we did. Because of covid they could not come out. Finally got a tech out sometime early summer. He said it needed a new pump. It was rinsing our dishes with dirty water. The guy that came to install the new part said it did not need the part. He said the dishwasher was level and it’s not supposed to be. He tilted the thing so awkwardly backwards and assured us it would drain right. It did not. Unfortunately we dismantled the kitchen for a remodel the very next day so it just sat for a couple months. Finally was able to call in Oct/Nov timeframe. The kid they sent that time said it was because our water was only 92 degrees.... even though the dishes were still dirty with a heated wash cycle that removed the prints off our glasses. After questioning his thermometer (because we would never shower in that water we knew it was not right. A meat thermometer put the same water he measured at 132 degrees. He advised I call our water dept to ask why our bath water didn’t match kitchen temp. 🤦🏻‍:female_sign: We only have one hwh)  he got very mouthy and we asked him to leave and called for another tech.  They sent the same tech that did the awkward leveling. After an hour he determined it did need the pump that he wouldn’t install on our second service date July/Aug timeframe. It had to be ordered. He also noted the main board was throwing a weird code in his diagnostic system. A month later we had a perfectly functioning dishwasher. I believe he replaced the main board too but am not certain.  And now.... just about a year after it was installed.... it has just quit mid wash and will not power back on again. I’ve cut the power at the wall switch several times for awhile and no success. So frustrating because due to us installing it  2-3 months after buying it, remodeling the kitchen and all the months it was just easier to hand wash the dishes rather than wash them and then have to rewash by hand, the thing really hasn’t been used but about 3-4 months but it’s out of warranty. Never thought we’d spend this much on a dishwasher and have these problems. It performed as a very old entry level at best and now not at all. Does anyone have any other tips on what to try?

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