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TV to mirror to new Family hub fridge?????

Is there anyone at Samsung who can tell me which TV I can buy that will mirror to my new Samsung Family Hub refrigerator? I have called numerous times, been disconnected and told nonsense. This is an advertised feature that no one in tech support seems to be able to assist with. The list of supported TV's no longer are available for purchase. This is false advertising and I am going to report it to the consumer protection folks or state attorney general if someone from Samsund cannot tell me where to get a TV that will mirror to my fridge. I have spent nearly $5000 and completely regret it at this point. Anyone else in my boat? Ready for class action suit????


Re: TV to mirror to new Family hub fridge?????



The frame 55 or 65 works - or any of the smart TV from Samsung made in 2018

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: TV to mirror to new Family hub fridge?????

You can find a list of compatible devices here:


Re: TV to mirror to new Family hub fridge?????

I too purchased the Family Hub Fridge with the specific reason for my wife to watch TV while cooking and what not. We had a Samsung Smart TV in our bedroom and figured it would be great. I went through months of frustratiion trying to get the fridge to work. Now granted I was an early adopter and I expected some minor issues. Samsung service techs were out twice to try and remedy the issue but it was obvious I knew more about the software than they did. We were never able to get it to work. Well after months of digging aropund the internet I discovered the fridge mirroring capability uses a protocal call WiFi Direct. It does NOT use your standard WiFi network. Well the WiFi Direct protocol has the following limitations:

Wi-Fi Direct has a maximum range of 15m or 49ft, with clear line of sight. If line of sight is blocked, for instance by a wall, the range will be shorter. The devices may need to be moved closer together to ensure connectivity.

So if the mirrored TV has to b e in line of sight of the fridge and less than 49 ft. the WHY would I need to mirror the TV since I can clearly see it? The SmartThings app does list compatible TVs but the connectivity is limited by WiFi drect. Attached is one of my conversations with Samsung tech for your enjoyment. Also, the icemaker has known issues and we have replaced ours twice already. I too believe their advertising was false as the fridge connects to other Samsung TVs ONLY (I was not informed of this fact when I purchases the unit) if you use the WiFi Direct and NOT Wifi. Obviously the issue continues but I finally gave up and my wife uses an iPad in the kitchen...good luck!!



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Please excuse us for the long hold. We have had an unusually high volume of chats coming in. I would be happy to assist you with any questions you have about our products.


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Dan at 13:55, Sep 27:

I have just purchased the RF28M9580SG fridge. The biggest selling point was the TV mirroring on the refrigerator. At the time the salesman neglected to tell us that it must be a Samsung TV. So I went back to Best buy and bought a new TV. That samsung TV did not mirror because I was told I needed at least a model 6400 or above. That TV was a 6300 model. I returned it and purchased a UN40MU7000FXZA TV. Still no success mirroring TV to fridge. I called tech support and the TV people and the appliance people and it still doesn’t work


Gaurav C at 13:57, Sep 27:

Please give me a few minutes to review the information you have shared.


Dan at 13:58, Sep 27:

The UN40MU7000FXZA does not have the option for Direct wireless. I have both units on the same network. The TV and fridge are recognized in Samsung Connect app.


Gaurav C at 14:00, Sep 27:

Dan, I can completely understand your current situation. I am checking in my resources for you.


Dan at 14:01, Sep 27:

We are at the end of our rope with this product. I need to get info from and expert in this area, maybe Tier 2 support or a call from a service tech who knows the system. We spent $10,000 on all new kitchen appliances. I’m not complaining just giving you info


Gaurav C at 14:04, Sep 27:

I'll be right with you.


Dan at 14:05, Sep 27:

Its also frustrating that the double range/oven and dishwasher are not supported by Samsung Connect.App. For those 2 appliances you have to use the Samsung Smart Home App.


Gaurav C at 14:07, Sep 27:

Dan, I definitely understand your concern.

Gaurav C at 14:07, Sep 27:

Could you give me a few minutes while I check the information for you?


Dan at 14:08, Sep 27:

sure just trying to get you up to speed so I don't have to go through all the remedial steps that I have done numerous times.


Gaurav C at 14:09, Sep 27:

I really appreciate your efforts.


I have checked in my resources for you. For 2016 models or later, TV Mirroring uses Wi-Fi Direct.


Wi-Fi Direct has a maximum range of 15m or 49ft, with clear line of sight. If line of sight is blocked, for instance by a wall, the range will be shorter. The devices may need to be moved closer together to ensure connectivity.

Gaurav C at 14:11, Sep 27:

Using an Access Point extender or amplifier will not improve connectivity.


Dan at 14:13, Sep 27:

Yes I know that. I even moved the TV into the kitchen next to the refrigerator without success. But if the fridge is looking for Direct WiFi, the TV does not have a Direct WiFi connection in Network options


Dan at 14:14, Sep 27:

The fridge flat out does not recognize the TV at all let alone getting connected



Gaurav C at 14:17, Sep 27:

Let me check with my supervisor.


Dan at 14:19, Sep 27:

If the TV defiantly needs a Direct WiFi connection, my model doesn't have it even though it's a 2017 model. I did not find any way to activate WiFi Direct on that TV.


Gaurav C at 14:21, Sep 27:

Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.


Gaurav C at 14:22, Sep 27:

Have you checked if there are any firewall or DHCP enabled on the router?


Dan at 14:24, Sep 27:

Yes all appliances can access the internet and the iphone apps. The basic question I need answered is: Does the TV that is going to be paired to the fridge have to have WiFi Direct?


Gaurav C at 14:26, Sep 27:

I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.


Gaurav C at 14:29, Sep 27:

In this case, I will forward the issue to the appropriate department.


Gaurav C at 14:29, Sep 27:

They will look into it and you will receive the response via email or call.





Gaurav C at 14:29, Sep 27:

Please share the following details to do this for you.

• Full Name

• Contact Number

• Alternate Contact Number (If any)

• Email Address

• Shipping Address with Zip Code

• Place of purchase

• Model and serial number


Dan at 14:31, Sep 27:

I've been down this road before and neither the fridge or TV techs and both say the issue is with the other. At this point I need Tier two support or a supervisor. Info you requested on the appliances is in this support thread:


Dan at 14:31, Sep 27:


Dan at 14:33, Sep 27:

The question is quite simple. Does the TV that is to be mirrored on the fridge need to have WiFi direct as one of it's network options?


Dan at 14:34, Sep 27:

The answer to that question s nowhere in the Samsung universe. The only published TV requirement is a TV model 6400 or above