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Terrible customer service

(Topic created: 11-10-2021 10:42 AM)
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Long time faithful customer.  I own and always purchase all Samsung phones, appliances, televisions,  earbuds, watches, laptops.  Most recent purchase was Galaxy fold a few weeks ago.  However I am very disappointed and disgusted with Samsung in relation to an experience with an oven I purchased in the last year as part of a purchase of a whole suite of kitchen appliances.  The appliances were ordered in August 2020 and delivered Jan 4, 2021.  I watched as the delivery men from Home Depot unloaded from the truck and unpacked each appliance and carried them in.  No issues.  The first time I used the oven was week or so later and noticed a horrible popping sound when I opened the oven door.  I called HD who said because it over three days of delivery they needed to put me in touch with Samsung.  A Samsung tech came out and tried replacing the oven door but the popping still occurred.  He examined further and then came to the conclusion that the frame was bent on both sides with the right being the worst.  This is something that could not be picked up by the average person.  Both sides seem to bow out slightly as part of the design.  The tech who is employed by Samsung, called Samsung and it was determined that they would replace my oven.  This was the right thing to do.  In April a new oven was delivered.  Again I watched the delivery and again no issues. The popping noise did not seem to be present when we opened the oven door.    Fast forward a few months and the popping noise is back and the warming drawer is bent.  I place a call to Samsung directly this time to explain the situation and they scheduled a tech to come out.  The same tech as the first time came to look at it and brought a new drawer.  I demonstrated the popping sound by opening the door and tech said to me,, I told you last time that is not fixable it's a frame issue.  So I responded that this was NOT the same oven as a replacement was  sent to me.  He responded oh I thought it was the same range and then proceeded to tell me it had the same damage as the first.  I asked how was possible and the odds are that two different ranges (same model) have the same damage in the same location and if that is the case it seems like a manufacturing issue because I know neither of the units were dropped during delivery.  He proceeded to call Samsung directly to find out what could be done..  After his call he told me Samsung would not replace the unit as its a transportation issue.  I argued that it seemed impossible that the same damage could occur exactly the same on two different ranges but there was nothing he could do other than tell me to call Home Depot.  I called HD and they informed me that Samsung could NOT claim it as transportation issue especially when there were no issues with delivery and both ranges had the same damage.  They put me back in touch with Samsung who after a few discussions still refuse to fix or replace my range.  Samsung refuses to accept responsibility for what is most likely a manufacturing defect.  A company worth billions of dollars will not replace a 1K oven range and continues to tell me the manufacturers warranty is voided because of the physical damage that they believe occurred during transportation.   They repeatedly tell me if I want a tech to come back out and fix something that is unfixable it's on my dime OR I can replace it on my dime.  The range is 6 months old but I am responsible to fix or replace an oven that I did not break.  Samsung is giant and a technology leader worth billions  but cannot, will not, stand by their product and admit that the odds of this being a transportation issue that caused the same exact damage to two different units is extremely unlikely.  Samsung refuses to accept any responsibility and replace my range which is a minuscule, practically non existent amount to them but is a lot to a hard working middle class family.  I will not buy any other products from them if this is how they treat their customers.  My family and friends will boycott as well.  I will submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau because this is not right.  Samsung should be held accountable.  

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