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Unhappy Customer: Ice Maker Frosted Over

I purchased a Samsung RF263BEAESR AA Rev 01 refrigerator new and the ice maker has never really worked properly.  I have to defrost the ice maker every 2-3 weeks to keep it working, and I have water pooling in the bottom of the refrigerator area. 


I had the drain kit installed at my own cost over a year ago... that stopped the water pooling for a while, but now it is back.  Ice maker has been icing over continuously since the moment the appliance was out of warranty.  I just receved an estimate to perform Samsung service bulletin 

ASC20170602002 to the tune of $611.  


I would think that a "service bulletin" would mean there is a defect in the product and the manufacturer would pay to correct...guess I was WRONG. 


I see there is a class action lawsuit "Bianchi v. Samsung Electronics America" regarding this issue.  Do I have to wait for the results of that, or can Samsung step up and help me have an appliance that works as advertised?


Please contact me with some assistance.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Unhappy Customer: Ice Maker Frosted Over

I am sorry to hear of your concerns with the refrigerator! Will you please send a private message with the serial number so I may see what options are available?