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Very Disappointed

(Topic created: 07-24-2021 12:17 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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Four Years ago we replaced our Microwave, Stove, Refrigerator, and Dishwasher with Samsung Appliances. We have had problems with each appliance. The latest is the main control panel on the dishwasher malfunction and needs to be replaced and since the unit is 4 years old Samsung no longer is standing behind their product which now needs a $350 repair. It seems for what you pay for Samsung Appliances they should last longer than 4 years.  I am not sure it pays to stick $350 into the dishwasher or buy a new one. If I do buy new it surely will not be a Samsung. 

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Kitchen and Family Hub
I loved my TV, J7 and 9+, reason I purchased Samsung kitchen laundry appliances from 3 party stores.
Sorry I got S21 Ultra from them instead of Verizon like I normally do
customer service is NOT good