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Warranty can't fix

Clark Howard and fox 5 will be at my house within the next week, every Samsung appliance of mine is currently broke and I have a worrenty on them all. I will do what it takes to get a recall on the stove that catches everything in fire. The kitchen is the heart of the home and when you have little ones on the counter learning how to cook helping mom cook or on the floor by your feel and the bottom warmer burning them or what about holiday meals with the inlaws and grandkids, all you family waiting on thanksgiving to end up with a smelly house and burnt fixing, with no Ice for the sweet tea on top of the fact that there is absolutely no room for left overs and a sink full of dishes and the dish washer won't drain. And microwave that sparks because there are holes on the insured of the door, the door that the handle pops off half the time when you open and close it. As big as company and the money they have made for selling these products is very disappointing and makes me personally, not put faith in anything or anybody. It is sad to me that this is what people have become. Crooks! Complete crooks! 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Warranty can't fix

I would be delighted to look into your cases and see what we can do for you! Can you provide any ticket numbers from when you called into Samsung via private message?

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