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Water dripping from ice dispenser on door of my RF24R7201SR

My refrigerator was purchased in Nov 2019 for a new kitchen, installed late December and is now dripping almost all of the time. I leave a dish towel in the water collection thing because it is always overflowing on to my wood floors.  How can this be fixed, it is still under warranty.  Worse ice maker yet..

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Water dripping from ice dispenser on door of my RF24R7201SR

I'm sorry to hear that, have you tried the following? 

The most common reasons for water dripping from the dispenser are:

  • Air is trapped in the water line when a water filter is replaced or the fridge is recently installed.
  • The refrigerator has some ice buildup or ice residue in the ice chute.
  • The ice chute does not form an airtight seal with the refrigerator.

This step is only needed if the doors were removed recently, such as during installation or during a move.

  1. Clean the ice chute and the seal.

    Make sure that all residual ice is cleared out of the ice chute and that the chute is completely dry.

  2. Confirm the ice chute and ice bucket seal properly.

    Open the right side door and look inside the fridge at the ice maker and ice chute. These parts are attached to the left door. The gasket should sit flush up against the ice bucket. If there is a gap, warm air from the refrigerator will enter the ice maker compartment and melt the ice. This causes water to drip from the dispenser. To resolve this issue, see our guide on leveling the refrigerator.

  3. Inspect the water lines and couplers.

    If the water line under the hinge cover is not connected properly when the doors are put back on, air can get into the water coupler. Make sure it is not bent at the coupler because this will allow air in and cause a drip.

    To reach the water coupler, review the steps for removing and reinstalling the doors in your user manual.

    Water Line Coupler

  4. Purge the air from the water line.

    If the water filter was recently replaced or your refrigerator was recently installed, dispensing water will help remove any trapped air and stop the water dispenser from leaking.

    Dispense water into a large pitcher until it automatically stops.

    • If the water stream sputters while dispensing, empty the container when it stops and dispense again three more times if it sputters each time.
    • If the stream is steady and the dripping stops, it is safe to assume that there is no air in the water line.
    • If the dripping continues, you need to check the water line and couplers.

If the troubleshooting steps did not help above then you have a couple of options based on your warranty. 

- If your unit was recently purchased, you can check with your retailer on their return/exchange processes.
- If you have an extended warranty you can reach out to them to have service processed. 
- If you're within the one year warranty, you can Private message me or one of our moderators to have service setup
- If you're OUT of warranty, you can use this link below to find a service center in your area.

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